TRIESHIELD | Putnam County Electronic notification system


Welcome to TRIESHIELD, a free and timely electronic notification service provided by the Putnam County Clerk of Courts.
As your elected Clerk, one of my most important duties is to protect and maintain all legal documents and official records filed in Putnam County, and it is my pleasure to introduce TRIESHIELD as the next evolutionary step in my service to you.
TRIESHIELD monitors filings with my recording office throughout the day. If it finds a document filed under one of your registered names, it will alert you by email and/or text on that same day. This timely notification of recorded activity in your name, i.e. easements, marriages, deeds, mortgages, liens, etc. could be the key to protecting your valuable assets and good name.
I hope you join me in registering with TRIESHIELD to help protect the things we have all worked so hard to achieve.

The Honorable Matt Reynolds, Putnam County Clerk of Courts

What can you monitor

You can monitor all recorded instrument(s) in the Official records system. Whether it is a mortgage, deed, lien, judgement etc., TRIESHIELD will monitor the recorded instrument and alert you if it matches your preferred name.

How does the system work

You enter your preferred Email ID and two(2) names that you would like to monitor. The name(s) can be either a person's name or a business name. You can also include your mobile phone number if you would like to receive text messages. System will send a notification on the same day when we identify any new recording with the name(s) you have entered.

Learn about SAME-DAY Alert

Watch this video to learn how easy it is to setup your account in TRIESHIELD.