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    Monitors County Official Records
    Sends Same-Day Notifications

free service

Property Fraud Alert by TRIESHIELD is a free service available to Everyone.
When a document is recorded in a name that is being monitored, an electronic notification will be sent.
We work in partnership with local government agencies to protect property owners from rising fraud.

Documents & Monitoring

TRIESHIELD monitors all recorded official documents, such as

  • Liens
  • Deeds
  • Mortgages
  • Orders
  • Judgments

Detections & Notifying

TRIESHIELD executes sophisticated matching logic; Searches for new recordings that contain all the names you entered or variations of them. Alerts the subscribers by way of

  • Text Message
  • Email

Sign Up

TRIESHIELD can help you to protect your most valuable investments. It is easy. All you need are

  • Email address
  • Owner's name or business name
  • Alternative name
  • Phone number

Commercial Subscribers

TRIESHIELD helps our commercial clients improve their business processes.
The automated same-day notification system is tailored for maximum speed and accuracy.

Title Companies

Real-time notifications for title searches are hassle-free and reliable.

Lenders & Bankers

Timely updates of official records help to smoothly close out the business transactions while maintaining the highest levels of compliance and accuracy.


Alerts on official recordings under a client's interests enable prompt and necessary legal action.

Sign up to receive images of recorded instruments. Contact us to help you setup the account now!

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TRIESHIELD's Patent pending technology enables your subscribers to interface with all official records systems without costly customizations.
Our secured electronic communication channels ensure the highest levels of data security and integrity.

To the People

Each TRIESHIELD notification includes a personalized message from your office and is sent using your email ID.

For the People

As the custodian of county's official records, you are the first line of defense to prevent fraud and protect your community.

Non-Zero-Sum Game

TRIESHIELD notification helps commercial subscribers improve their business efficiency, reduce costs and increase profits while providing a source of revenue to yours.

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