Electronic notification system

Do you know that thousands of home owners have claims levied against their property by creditors who may or may not have a court judgment?

Many times the owner is completely unaware that such a lien exists. They typically discover the information when they are trying to sell or refinance their property.

TRIESHEILD works in partnership with local government agencies to alert you, if someone records under your name in participating counties.

Our ability to provide timely and accurate information, free of charge for non-commercial users, allows you to take necessary action(s) to protect yourself against potentially fraudulent recorded documents.

At TRIESHIELD, we value how hard you work to build your success. Our own success is directly connected to securing yours.

To enroll, select your County!

TRIESHEILD at a glance

TRIESHIELD functions very much like the alerts you receive regarding potentially fraudulent charges against one of your credit cards. Every day, TRIESHIELD monitors all instruments recorded in your County agency, and sends you a daily alert by text or email. The names you provide can be personal or business name(s).

You determine the names you want monitored, and configure your notification preferences (text and/or email). Once you receive a match, you can determine whether it is a legitimate recording, or someone attempting to unfairly leverage a dispute, or worse, potentially trying to commit a fraud.

TRIESHIELD offers a convenient solution to a hardship that, left undetected, can be time consuming and expensive to resolve down the road.

We want to help you protect your valuable assets. When we find a match, we will send you an alert or a text message based on your preference.

Commercial subscribers

Do you need to monitor multiple names?. Do you want to receive detailed index information including images for each recorded instrument?. Sign up for our commercial services to receive full details including image(s) per match.

You can enter as many names(s) as you like. We will send you hourly notifications for each match thus saving you valuable time. Each match alert will include Grantor/Grantee details as well as the recorded image associated with the instrument.

You need to have a valid subscription account in TRIEBRARY electronic bridge in order to enroll in commercial notification service. If you do not have an account, Click here to setup an account. Once you have setup a valid subscription account, you can access TRIEBRARY subscription account and manage your monitoring list.